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Food & Game Vendors

Food & Game Vendor Information 

Since the inception of the festival in 1977, all of the food and game vendors

have been associated with a local non-profit serving the Troy & Miami County area. 

The Strawberry Festival does NOT have amusement rides or commercial games.  

Please read all information carefully BEFORE applying

Non-profits may apply to be a food vendor or game vendor.  Space is limited.  Priority is given to returning non-profits.  Please be aware that the Strawberry festival is a profit sharing festival (15% of net profits go to the Troy Strawberry Festival in order to maintain the festival grounds, provide security and entertainment). 


Commercial Food Vendors will only be considered for acceptance with a profit-sharing agreement with a local, non-profit organization serving Troy & Miami County.  Applications without a profit-sharing agreement will be denied. 

Application Instructions: 

1. Read the Rules and Regulations before applying 

2. Choose the appropriate application 

Non-Profit Application is for non-profits in Troy or Miami County that will make and sell food or beverages on their own.  (No Commercial Vendor) 

Commercial Vendor Application is for commercial vendors that have a profit sharing agreement in place with a non-profit serving Troy and/or Miami County.  

Fees are NOT due with the application. 

Once you are accepted into the festival, you will receive an invoice by email that is due within 30 days 

of receipt. 


Rules & Regulations

Applicaitons are closed

Food Vendor Resources 

  • Set up Diagrams 
  • Health Department Information
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