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What Started As A Small Gathering In 1978, Has Become One Of The Most Beloved Festivals in Ohio

Posted: Only In Ohio - 4/19/23

What Started As A Small Gathering In 1978, The Troy Strawberry Fest Has Become One Of The Most Beloved Festivals In Ohio

Summer in Ohio means so many things: beach days, waterfall chasing, al fresco dining, and festivals. So. Many. Festivals. There is an embarrassment of riches when it comes to summer festivals in Ohio, but nothing quite compares to the annual Troy Strawberry Fest. What started as a small gathering in 1978, the Troy Strawberry Fest has become one of the Buckeye State’s most beloved annual festivals.

If apples and pumpkins are the official fall fruits and veggies, strawberries are their summertime counterpart.

There's nothing as sweet a treat as a strawberry in the summer. It's a simple, time-honored staple of summer in Ohio that's celebrated each June in Troy.

Happening for nearly 50 years, Troy Strawberry Fest is a longstanding festival favorite in Ohio, having been named among the state's best fests in numerous publications, in fact!

In the mid-1970s, leaders of the Troy Area Chamber of Commerce discussed the idea of starting a community-wide festival; something to bring folks to the area and also celebrate its unique culture. The event would also serve as a fundraiser for local causes.

Interestingly enough, a sweet corn festival was the Committee's first theme suggestion, along with some other contenders. Happily, strawberries won.

Why strawberries? The biggest strawberry patch east of the Mississippi River happened to be just outside Troy, Ohio: Fulton Farms. Early June also did not conflict with other festivals already established in Miami County.

Since its start in 1977, the festival has grown every year. The family-oriented festival has been self-supporting from the start with the help of many Troy area businesses sponsoring specific events. Today, the event is a community wide effort involving thousands of volunteers organized by a committee of over 40 men and women. It generates enough income each year to finance a host of community service projects.

Held the first weekend of June each year, this two-day event features a pageant, live entertainment, arts and crafts vendors, family-friendly activities, and, of course, tons of delicious strawberry-forward food.

This beloved Ohio festival brings some 200,000 folks to the area each year, supporting the local economy and putting this charming town on the map. What could be sweeter?

Have you been to the Troy Strawberry Fest before? This festival that celebrates summer’s star fruit — the strawberry — is a can’t-miss event in Ohio!

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